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The following was emailed to me and the person asked for his email to not be made public. The thoughts of this person are highly plausible and I personally see truth in it (If you have knowledge of the spiritual world/occult then I'm sure you will too)

Here is some dirt on Maxine and JoS. We all know what a thought form is, right? Christian preachers, cult leaders, and indigenous shamans with their thought form deities exist all over the world because of this. The energy of thought is what gives them power. Continuous thought makes them increasingly powerful.

Guess what Maxine is using for her "demon army" and "Lucifer" and all the others she works for? A thought form matrix. And, through exploiting the belief and mental energy of others, she reinforces her thought form matrix and its components. These are not spirits, but instead beings that act on her behalf as her personal slaves.

And, as she takes the minds of individuals into this, she becomes more and more surrounded by her own fantasy of thought forms, engulfing others in her insanity and continuous exploitation of innocent beings, to naive to notice what is really going on.

If any spirits work with her at all, they are spirits of hate, anger, destruction, manipulation, control and anarchy - not at all anything like the beings she proclaims she works with. Her own insanity has driven her into believing she deals with the real deal.

Proof of this is simple: with no preconceived notions of a being, just simply try and contact it - using spirit names, you will find the real one, if it chooses to respond. Why are so many JoS members not able to communicate with Lucifer and others? Well, that is partly due to energy inability, and the other part is due to the fact that they use preconceived notions of the being, therefore altering where the message goes and who receives it. With Maxines orientations, they are focused on her thought forms, and not the real beings.

The same way that if you summon a angel thinking he is evil, the being you speak or invoke will be evil - a thought form. If you do not use any preconceived notions, the being will present himself as he truly is.

The key to real enlightenment isn't thinking up things and believing in them - it's accepting the possibility that they are not what you expect, and experiencing the truth without assumptions (which only hinder the real image of truth to your mind and your eyes).

The moment we stop assuming things, and start learning them instead of making up our own fake little fantasy world, we begin to live in the true sense of the word. When we assume, we close our mind to what is, and we believe what we believe independent of reality.

This is what categorizes Maxine and her exploitation of belief as extremism, reversal of progress, and disinformation.

So, as she is continuously destroying the present and future of naive people, we either take a stand and fight in our own ways, or we let others take the fall for our omission. My opinion is, the best way to show people the truth is to slam the truth in their face, to a point where they can no longer reject it. The term "thought form" does not appear in JoS for a reason: if people were to learn about JoS, they would know that they are all just power hungry weaklings, to weak to seek real power, instead to leech on the power of others, due to their own inabilities. If anything, we see that their thought forms of Tiamat, Lucifer, Enki, and so many others are doing nothing but buying them time for now - when they discover that they are making thought forms of them, in false representation, and leading others to believe what they say... I'm pretty sure Tiamat and the others are going to go enraged, and bust them down.

This is for all Teens For Satan members who are not aware of the lies that Maxine Dietrich aka Andrea Herrington is spreading...For the Joy Of Satan members, you are old enough to make your own decisions on what you want to believe. The information below has been kept secret from a lot of the teen members.

Since a lot of people disregard the nazist beliefs of the Joy of Satan clergy and their website. I want people to know what is going on and make informed decisions on what they should do next.

This is especially for Teens For Satan members, as this information is being kept hidden from them...they deserve to know the truth too!

And for all these nazi members...teens WILL be shown this website and learn the truth, so you can't just keep it secret, you can't claim that you aren't nazis. Your lies have gone on far too long...

Since JoS preaches that the holocaust was a complete hoax that was created by the jewish, I have a question for you to all think about:

"If you were face to face with a person from one of the concentration camps, who still have that number tattooed on them...what could you honestly say to them? Could you stand there and say it was all a lie?"

Just some food for thought...

Here is the future of JoS. This group was created by a member of the black sun yahoo group, and i am sure that people have seen this ID many times before, perhaps you should look at this and wonder where jos satanism is truly heading...

Now come on people...I have put this up for people to SEE, but is anyone actually looking at what JoS preaches? Does anyone actually look at this stuff and think...wow, that isnt right! NO! everyone still says, Satan is right, and JoS is right and blah blah blah, I am sick of people telling me this stuff without actually looking at what is right in front of their eyes. Wake up and see what you are getting involved in!Joy Of Satan = Nazism, Racism, Black & Jew bashing. All development is aimed towards using it for hatred and destroying people. Do you honestly think that if Satan created humanity (and yes that involved jews aswell!) that he would openly turn around and say "yeah sure, I want a united religion and I want all of my children to believe in me...but its okay if you kill a jew, or bash a black etc etc?"

JoS will tell people that Satan is selective with his creation of humanity, but then on the other hand they say that he created humanity, which one is it? Did he create all of humanity, or did he only create a select few (the gentiles), of which all happen to be members of JoS?

Now, think of this....JoS members are the only ones who seem to be psychically attacked by angels and greys. Amazing that, out of 6 billion people in the world, only JoS members are targeted? Little strange don't you think?

All i want people to do is open their eyes and see the truth of JoS, see the hypocrisy of what they teach, you ask 1 person and they tell you one thing, you ask another and they tell you something completely different. Now, how can this be such differing information when it is a direct link from Satan?

Again I will leave you with some food for thought:

"If you were face to face with a person from one of the concentration camps, who still have that number tattooed on them...what could you honestly say to them? Could you stand there and say it was all a lie?"

Now a screen shot of nevermores post, which amazingly has been taken off of the teens for satan group, you can see that after a teens for satan member posted this link in the forum, there is a post missing #18511. All you will find is post #18510 & #18512. This is the only proof remaining, which was sent via email, you can ignore it if you wish, but its still something to think over

Alright, this is for all the members who refuse to believe that there are other satanic sites/groups/churches out there that think the Joy of Satan is a load of crap...here is a screenshot which proves just that, and i'm sure there is more to come...

This is a group for African American Satanists

"Most of us here were kicked out of Joy of Satan for being Black. We thought we would join the African American Satanist group until Maxine deleted us. Hate is ugly. Mass murder of colored people and jews is not the way of Satan. To see true ugliness please visit the worst site on the net: www.666blacksun.com This must not be tolerated!"
Black Power Satanism

Her nazi groups are:

Black Sun:-

Black Sun

Advanced Satanism:-

Advanced Satanism

There is also a website for the Black Sun Yahoo! Group:

666 Black Sun

This is yet ANOTHER nazi group associated with the JoS, one of their members from the Black Sun group created it

Satans Soldiers

Christian Teen Club

I bet you are all wondering why in the world did I put up a christian teen club screenshot...well all will be revealed, check out the next screenshot of theirs

Now, take a look at these posts, these occur every day as a "reminder" to this group, makes you wonder where all the ex-christian members are coming from...doesnt it

Extra Information

Enki is Satan...

The connection of Enki and Satan is incorrect. Enki is the Sumerian Creator God of Humanity, Satan however is the fallen angel from the Nephilim and is considered as being an entity of the ultimate evil...

All JoS has done is say that Satan is really good and the Christians lied, Maxine and her HP's have not given any real answers when people ask these questions...

All Maxine has done, is read a book that was written by someone who was a journalist and then preached these same teachings. The Book is by Zacharia Sitchin and is titled: The Lost Book of Enki

The Goetia & The Al-Jilwah...

The Al-Jilwah is from a book by Anton Lavey titled: The Satanic Rituals. It has been copied word for word onto Maxines website and she has been using these as Satan's teachings, even though the person who wrote the book did not believe in Satan at all.

The 72 Goetia, that have been labelled on the Joy of Satan website as "The Demons of Hell" are from the book "The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon"... Maxine has done nothing but slightly alter their descriptions and change their appearances so that they fit with her nazist beliefs.

If anyone would like more information, please contact:


Or if you would like to discuss the screen shots, or anything about this website, feel free to add us to yahoo.

Yahoo ID: Ninanu_Enlilki

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