Facts Of Joy Of Satan

Sonofdarkness01 - 6/3/08

sonofdarkness01: Why do u want to talk?

ninanu_enlilki: i am the owner of facts of jos, and i think that is the site you have a problem with...i think its you who wants to talk to me

sonofdarkness01: u r the owner of SHIT

ninanu_enlilki: no its called facts of jos

ninanu_enlilki: if you dont want to talk, thats fine and i will just delete you

sonofdarkness01: y r u against Maxine?

sonofdarkness01: she is so good

sonofdarkness01: showing truth 2 to the world

ninanu_enlilki: neo-nazist satanism is the truth?

sonofdarkness01: yeahh maybee

ninanu_enlilki: maybe?

sonofdarkness01: yep.. i dnt believe in blonde hair or blue eyed superiority cause they luk shittt

sonofdarkness01: its something different

sonofdarkness01: some r superior

ninanu_enlilki: isnt satan blonde hair blue eyed nordic god?

sonofdarkness01: i dnt think so

sonofdarkness01: he has blackkk

sonofdarkness01: he changess his appearancee whenn he meets ddiffernt

sonofdarkness01: different ppl

ninanu_enlilki: thats not what they teach

sonofdarkness01: black hair who is tall and sharp is aryan.. nt blonde or blue..that's shit

sonofdarkness01: theyy r nordicc

sonofdarkness01: aryann and nordicss are d supeirior races

sonofdarkness01: jewss suck

ninanu_enlilki: so you do believe in blonde hair blue eyed superiority

ninanu_enlilki: how many yahoo accounts do you have?

sonofdarkness01: aryan and nordic superiorty

sonofdarkness01: 1

ninanu_enlilki: alright, so this is what you believe...nordics are blonde hair blue eyed, aryans are dark black hair...and both have superiority

ninanu_enlilki: however....sonofdarkness01: yep.. i dnt believe in blonde hair or blue eyed superiority cause they luk shittt

ninanu_enlilki: which one is it?

sonofdarkness01: not the only one

sonofdarkness01: aryans are superior to

sonofdarkness01: too

ninanu_enlilki: did you read what i wrote at all?

sonofdarkness01: yeah i didnt mean trhat

sonofdarkness01: that

sonofdarkness01: i dnt believe its d only superior race

ninanu_enlilki: no wonder you are with jos, you dont even know what you believe

sonofdarkness01: I hav blue eyes myself

ninanu_enlilki: so?

ninanu_enlilki: im blonde hair blue eyed and im not nordic or aryan or satanic

sonofdarkness01: you are nordic

ninanu_enlilki: no im not

sonofdarkness01: then wht are you?

sonofdarkness01: jew?

ninanu_enlilki: do jews have blonde hair blue eyes?

ninanu_enlilki: and why are there only 3 major races in the world of jos?

By now you must be thinking...What? Just wait, there is more to this conversation....

sonofdarkness01: cuz these are the ones tht is fightining for superiority

sonofdarkness01: mongolions or negroids cannot come in the list

ninanu_enlilki: keon_holliday is supposed to be black, and he is a HP of jos

sonofdarkness01: everybody is accepted by satan

ninanu_enlilki: so jews are okay then

ninanu_enlilki: and christians and muslims

sonofdarkness01: doesnt mean he is supeirior

sonofdarkness01: yeh but they cannot be trusted

ninanu_enlilki: most jos members used to be christian, that means that no jos members can be trusted

sonofdarkness01: jews cannot be trusted

sonofdarkness01: after comin to satan the true ones will stay with him

ninanu_enlilki: so if jews cant be trusted why can christians? they both base their religion on the same thing, and christianity copied the jews

sonofdarkness01: i dnt know but satan will keep an eye on them

sonofdarkness01: so where r u from nordics?

ninanu_enlilki: australia

sonofdarkness01: place of nordics

sonofdarkness01: cuz u r Europeans

ninanu_enlilki: not all europeans means nordics

sonofdarkness01: u have been thrown by the europeans to australia =)


ninanu_enlilki: just because this country originally started from british roots, doesnt make us nordic, doesnt mean i am from britain

sonofdarkness01: u r wasted stuff of europe

sonofdarkness01: lol

ninanu_enlilki: do you realise that your country was aswell?

sonofdarkness01: we are the best country in the world

ninanu_enlilki: america was originally the settlement for convicts from british jails, until they had too many and had to tell britain to put the convicts elsewhere

sonofdarkness01: No

sonofdarkness01: Australia is

ninanu_enlilki: read up on the history, thats what happened

ninanu_enlilki: so who is the original convict in this?

ninanu_enlilki: its certainly not us

There was that small flash of somewhat intelligence for sonofdarkness, but that dissipates as we continue the convo...

sonofdarkness01: avenesh is also can be d chosen of satan

sonofdarkness01: he is aryan

ninanu_enlilki: yes we are all aryan nordics against satan

sonofdarkness01: and satan is orginated from india

ninanu_enlilki: have you asked any real indians about satanama/satan?

sonofdarkness01: ur friend dnt know himm

sonofdarkness01: he is a idiot

ninanu_enlilki: because jos is an idiot, and

satan/satanama doesnt exist in india

sonofdarkness01: EXISTS

sonofdarkness01: Maxine asked satan bout it

sonofdarkness01: and he said that

ninanu_enlilki: so satan is indian then? he has dark skin and dark hair and speaks hindi

ninanu_enlilki: how come he looks like an angel then?

sonofdarkness01: can be he is tall and have sharp features

sonofdarkness01: and may be fair too

ninanu_enlilki: so he can be anything he wants to be, so jos is never wrong...

sonofdarkness01: Never

sonofdarkness01: it is just satan's choice

ninanu_enlilki: well i am the reincarnation of lilith, sent here by satan

sonofdarkness01: satan has black hair blonde hair too whenver he wants

sonofdarkness01: in ur webstie enki is dark skinned black haired god isn't it?

sonofdarkness01: he is satan

ninanu_enlilki: no he is Enki

sonofdarkness01: NOOO

sonofdarkness01: Satan his indian look

ninanu_enlilki: LMAO

sonofdarkness01: satan is aryan n nordic whenver he wants

sonofdarkness01: cuz both are superior

ninanu_enlilki: thats why he looks like an angel

sonofdarkness01: yeah

ninanu_enlilki: because he is really a jew

sonofdarkness01: he is nordic to

sonofdarkness01: noo

sonofdarkness01: not angel he is a demon

ninanu_enlilki: i thought it was a god?

sonofdarkness01: god demon is the same

Okay, you still want more...?

ninanu_enlilki: no its not, demons are lesser entities

sonofdarkness01: ur appearance of satan is Indian look of him

sonofdarkness01: the aryan one

sonofdarkness01: n jos one is the nordic one

sonofdarkness01: so u both r correct in ur wayss

sonofdarkness01: but satan is enki and enki is satan

ninanu_enlilki: no Enki is Enki

sonofdarkness01: cant be

ninanu_enlilki: it is

sonofdarkness01: he will have d nordic side of him too

sonofdarkness01: tht is why u met him

sonofdarkness01: otherwise he woudlnt come to blondies like u if he is nt a nordic himself

ninanu_enlilki: okay, Enki is Enki and satan is nothing more than a thought-form created by the jews and christians...that is what you follow

sonofdarkness01: NOOO

ninanu_enlilki: yes

sonofdarkness01: NOO u met satan ask him tht

ninanu_enlilki: no i met Enki

sonofdarkness01: in his indian look aryan look u saw him

sonofdarkness01: n maxine in his nordic look

ninanu_enlilki: no, maxine claims to have spoken to a jewish invention, for us it is Enki that came thousands of years before the jews


sonofdarkness01: AND HE IS ENKI

ninanu_enlilki: satan is a jewish invention, if it wasnt for the jews you wouldnt have something to worship

sonofdarkness01: tht is why satan chose avenesh too cuz he is aryan

sonofdarkness01: but being against jos is like being agiast father

sonofdarkness01: dnt do that

ninanu_enlilki: your "father" is nothing to us

sonofdarkness01: He is ur father to

sonofdarkness01: u r blind to not see him

ninanu_enlilki: no he is a jewish invention

sonofdarkness01: NOO SHUT UP

ninanu_enlilki: no i dont think i will

sonofdarkness01: He is a Nordic aryan GOD

ninanu_enlilki: created by the jews

sonofdarkness01: NOO

sonofdarkness01: HE IS ENKI

ninanu_enlilki: Enki is Enki

ninanu_enlilki: satan is jewish

sonofdarkness01: He chose the name satan cuz he was known by tht name

sonofdarkness01: taken as an alias

sonofdarkness01: HE IS ENKI SATAN IS ENKI

ninanu_enlilki: satan is a jew

sonofdarkness01: and u three are idiots

ninanu_enlilki: go back to jos you retard

ninanu_enlilki: retarded nordic

The idiocy continues...

sonofdarkness01: I am a Nordic aryan

sonofdarkness01: cuz i am satan's son

ninanu_enlilki: son of a jew

sonofdarkness01: SHUT UP MIND UR LANGUAGE

ninanu_enlilki: go create another account so we have someone different to talk to tomorrow

sonofdarkness01: it is my one and only account u shit in the name of nordics

ninanu_enlilki: you're a jew not a nordic

ninanu_enlilki: you've dedicated yourself to a jewish invention

sonofdarkness01: I am Nordic

sonofdarkness01: SHUT UP

sonofdarkness01: HAIL SATAN/ENKI

ninanu_enlilki: hail son of a jew

sonofdarkness01: FUCK U

sonofdarkness01: u shit in the name of nordics

sonofdarkness01: and he is the shit in the name of Aryan

ninanu_enlilki: you have seen facts of jos right...you know there is a new section all for stupid conversations...just like this one

ninanu_enlilki: maxine has already been given the link to see her "advocates" in action

sonofdarkness01: GOOD

sonofdarkness01: all will know the truth

sonofdarkness01: tht u r idiots

sonofdarkness01: and piece of sht

ninanu_enlilki: i think i have to give you the idiotic hall of fame award, this one is going right on top

Demonica0666 & HelpfulSatanist

demonica0666: listen i do not want nor do i need ur so called "help" ok so back off

Helpful Satanist: settle

demonica0666: settle on what

Helpful Satanist: settle down

demonica0666: no

Helpful Satanist: you could have just ignored it, but you wanted to get all defensive

Helpful Satanist: its not my fault you enjoy being a nazist

demonica0666: ur a fucking xian is why

Helpful Satanist: why would you think that

demonica0666: i dont think it know it i ca smell a zan a mile away so dont fuck with me or you'll get fucking hurt

Helpful Satanist: because i am trying to show teens that all the other jos groups are full of nazis...oh shit, damn it..im telling the truth...hmm maybe i should say "satan told me...."

Helpful Satanist: then you would believe me right?

Helpful Satanist: what can you possibly do to me?

demonica0666: satan wouldent talk to you if the universe depended on it vcause ur a xian

Helpful Satanist: if you think so, hitler wanna be

demonica0666: u dont wanna find out s fuck off and leave me the fuck alone and u wont have tto

Helpful Satanist: oohhh im scared

Helpful Satanist: the little satanist is going to hurt me

demonica0666: oh snap u just prooved u aint a satanist so fuck off bitch

Helpful Satanist: LOL that doesnt prove anything, but you dont need to right..because you are with jos. All that proves is you are just as much as a sheep as the rest of them

demonica0666: no you see becasue im not the sheep u are and let me tell uthis now all you christians are lambs being lead to the slaughter and its hppenng now run along little sheep baaaa baaa

Helpful Satanist: yeah thats right..im a "xian" geez, is that all you can come up with..or do you want to call me a jew next?

demonica0666: why the fuck not its likelyu

Helpful Satanist: do you know how many egyptian groups and other satanic groups hate jos?

demonica0666: you know...i wonder what xians would taste like barbaqued..

Helpful Satanist: well go to your local church and find one

demonica0666: fuck no di stick

Helpful Satanist: what? speak english

demonica0666: what the matter dont under stand enochian

Helpful Satanist: no i dont understand angel language

demonica0666: u mean the language of angles and demons

demonica0666: onh and next ur gonna ry to tell me neither exist huh

Helpful Satanist: no, all i said was that its an angel language, havent you heard of john dee?

demonica0666: no and i dont wanna

Helpful Satanist: of course not, you dont want to do real research

demonica0666: bullshit ive done more reasherch thast u have talking real facts

Helpful Satanist: alright. 1. its RESEARCH, 2 = THATS...and now that you know how to spell, can you put it into a proper sentence because it makes no sense

demonica0666: why would ibother using proper spelling on a xian

Helpful Satanist: i thought i was a jew not long ago?

demonica0666: prove to me that ur a satanist and maybe just maybe i'll listen to you

Helpful Satanist: how am i going to prove that? speak to you in angel language or speak to satan on my ouija?

demonica0666: you're a "satanist" you figure it out

Helpful Satanist: i dont have to prove anything...

Helpful Satanist: so let me get this right, im a xian jew satanist...

demonica0666: then dont expect me to listen

demonica0666: oh yeah and im a sheep a hittler wanna be and a natzi

Helpful Satanist: bloody hell...its HITLER and NAZI

Helpful Satanist: do you go to school or cant you afford it?

demonica0666: im a fuckin canadian we spell tings fucking dfferently

demonica0666: its zatzi

Helpful Satanist: now its zatzi?

demonica0666: ya

Helpful Satanist: i would refer you to some history books, but you wouldnt know how to read it

Prisoner of Dreams 6/3/08

prisonerofdreams: Hi

ninanu_enlilki: hey

prisonerofdreams: how r u?

ninanu_enlilki: good and yourself?

prisonerofdreams: gud

ninanu_enlilki: gud? is that even a word?

prisonerofdreams: yep

prisonerofdreams: i knw u very well

ninanu_enlilki: do you?

prisonerofdreams: yep

ninanu_enlilki: and how would you know me?

prisonerofdreams: u r the blasphemers of Jos

ninanu_enlilki: what have i said wrong against jos?

prisonerofdreams: many things

ninanu_enlilki: like....

prisonerofdreams: read ur facts website

ninanu_enlilki: most of that is jos members own words

prisonerofdreams: No its not

prisonerofdreams: we are law abiding

ninanu_enlilki: yes it is, screen shots don't lie

prisonerofdreams: u made it urself

prisonerofdreams: it can be done easily

ninanu_enlilki: how so?

prisonerofdreams: u cheats have many equipmetns

ninanu_enlilki: so that is all you can come back with?

ninanu_enlilki: you tell me it can be done easily, but yet you say i have many equipments...that is not telling me how it can be done easily

prisonerofdreams: all fraud's can do that

prisonerofdreams: like the christians

prisonerofdreams: u r christians

ninanu_enlilki: and you are dumb and dont know anything

ninanu_enlilki: apart from being a jos sheep

prisonerofdreams: i am a wolf

prisonerofdreams: i can shapeshift

ninanu_enlilki: whats your point

prisonerofdreams: u r christian sheep

prisonerofdreams: i m not

ninanu_enlilki: youre an idiot, thats all

ninanu_enlilki: you dont know how to have a normal conversation

prisonerofdreams: proof that

prisonerofdreams: proof that you are correct in what u say

ninanu_enlilki: i already have, shapeshifter

prisonerofdreams: u cannot harm jos u r sheeps of jesus

ninanu_enlilki: i dont follow jesus

prisonerofdreams: maxine and satan will rule and soon i m goin to be the high prietst

prisonerofdreams: u r a Jew

prisonerofdreams: those who are against satan r jews or christians

prisonerofdreams: cuz satan is the father n only jews are against him

ninanu_enlilki: buddhists dont follow satan and they dont believe in jesus either

ninanu_enlilki: see, youre an idiot

prisonerofdreams: U R

prisonerofdreams: I M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ninanu_enlilki: go back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: U will fall christainity will fall u all will die

ninanu_enlilki: the weeds outside could have a better conversation

prisonerofdreams: JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prisonerofdreams: JEW JEW JEW JEWJEW JEW

prisonerofdreams: shit of the world is u

prisonerofdreams: u r shit

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: thts all u have

prisonerofdreams: u r SHIT!!! and FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: JOS is TRUTH

prisonerofdreams: U R SHIT and JEWS

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW


prisonerofdreams: fucking jews

prisonerofdreams: FUCK U ALL

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: I am with JOS

prisonerofdreams: I AM THE HIGH PRIEST


prisonerofdreams: I CAN KILL YOU

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard


ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: UR WHORE YOUR TAME ANIMAL

prisonerofdreams: is that guy

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: fuck ur dicks alltogether

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: u cn tame him but never me

prisonerofdreams: i am stick with Satan

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: u r Christians forcefullyy bringingg ppl idiot ppl like him

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: i will shafeshift n haunt u in your dreams Jews

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: tht Jew guy how dare he called me bitch of Maxinee he will pay for it

ninanu_enlilki: back to jos retard

prisonerofdreams: FUCKERS OF JESUS

prisonerofdreams: u r urself bitch

prisonerofdreams: cocksucker of jesus

ninanu_enlilki: go learn english before you come back to speak to me under a different name

prisonerofdreams: shut up!!!

prisonerofdreams: I knw english better than u

prisonerofdreams: i m the future high priest of JOS

ninanu_enlilki: go learn english before you come back to speak to me under a different name

prisonerofdreams: U r jews u cannot speak english

ninanu_enlilki: go learn english before you come back to speak to me under a different name

prisonerofdreams: u r grammatically mistaking

prisonerofdreams: there is nothing like go learn english

prisonerofdreams: u r wrong

prisonerofdreams: u r shit

prisonerofdreams: u r jews

prisonerofdreams: u r fuckers

prisonerofdreams: u r bitch

prisonerofdreams: u r whores

ninanu_enlilki: go learn english before you come back to speak to me under a different name

prisonerofdreams: u r bitches of heaven

prisonerofdreams: wrong english israelians

prisonerofdreams: fuckin jews

prisonerofdreams: satan is in america the future country of satanists

ninanu_enlilki: do you like babyjo's convo on facts of jos?

prisonerofdreams: u r jews

prisonerofdreams: she was right

prisonerofdreams: u r shit

ninanu_enlilki: this one can go next to it

prisonerofdreams: go on am nt afraid

prisonerofdreams: it is the truth u r putting in your website

ninanu_enlilki: i know, shows how stupid the members are

prisonerofdreams has signed out. (3rd June 2008 4:18 PM)

At the same time we got this most "interesting" conversation, Avinash was speaking to the same member, here is the conversation

prisonerofdreams: hi

bless avinash: hi

prisonerofdreams: r u the traitor?

bless avinash: what?

prisonerofdreams: the traitor of JOS?

bless avinash: what there to be a traitor of JOS? I am not in JOS or not lieing about it

prisonerofdreams: then wht is ur facts?

bless avinash: that's the truth

prisonerofdreams: no its nt we r law abiding we dnt go killin jews

bless avinash: You preach hatred and Nazism

prisonerofdreams: No nazism. just against Jews and Christians, muslims

bless avinash: that's hatred

prisonerofdreams: I think u r a Jew

bless avinash: whatever you say bitch whore of Maxine

prisonerofdreams: hw dare u??????????? whre r u frm traitor?

bless avinash: from India.... whore of Maxine

prisonerofdreams: so u r nt a Jew n agaist Jos?

bless avinash: there is nothing like going against. rebelling and shit like that.. it is just we are showing the true face of Jos

prisonerofdreams: dnt u knw that Satan orginates frm India?

bless avinash: I am living in India for 18 years of my life.. Never heard of Satanama.

prisonerofdreams: he is hidden n only great souls like maxine can see him

bless avinash: yeah right.. Maxine is goddess isn't she?

prisonerofdreams: She always was, is and will be for eternty JEW

bless avinash: Are you dumb?

prisonerofdreams: You lie, u r nt frm India

bless avinash: Wow What a retard. So that means who is from India is with Satan. the one who was never worshipped or known by the people?

prisonerofdreams: yep.

bless avinash: Go and fuck maxine arse serpent hard bitch. What a Retard..

prisonerofdreams: I m the high preist of JOS. shw respect

bless avinash: bows down to the whore of maxine. and there is no doubt.. you are the retard priest of JOS. you are going to be best of all of them. RETARD WHORE. SO SAD to see Maxine Whore's so retard.

And prisoner is back...with more stimulating conversation

Show Recent Messages (F3)

prisonerofdreams: HAHAAAAAA u thoughtt tht i left right JEWSSSS?????????

ninanu_enlilki: no we knew you would be back

prisonerofdreams: ANd I cnt see ur bitch

ninanu_enlilki: http://factsofjos.angelfire.com/josconvo.html

ninanu_enlilki: your own little space on the world of facts of jos

prisonerofdreams: BITCHHCHCHHC JEWSSS


prisonerofdreams: JEWWSSS cannt do anything exceptt fucking arounddd

ninanu_enlilki: and this one will go up too

prisonerofdreams: u assholess

ninanu_enlilki: stop being an idiot and you wont make jos look like idiots

prisonerofdreams: I m true

prisonerofdreams: I m d world i m light

prisonerofdreams: i m the high preist

prisonerofdreams: and d ruler

ninanu_enlilki: thats a very christian thing to say

prisonerofdreams: u r christians

prisonerofdreams: n whree is ur bitch?

prisonerofdreams: hiding insidee ur ass?????

prisonerofdreams: ur flock asss

ninanu_enlilki: you're an idiot

prisonerofdreams: u r

prisonerofdreams: N he is the most dedicatdd Jew

prisonerofdreams: great bitch of jesuss n urs

prisonerofdreams: hahahah u gtt a pet

prisonerofdreams: willl postt it in JOS

ninanu_enlilki: post what? that you are an idiot?

AND AGAIN, prisoner is back

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prisonerofdreams: HI AGAINN JEWSS

prisonerofdreams: HAHA u r afraid of me

prisonerofdreams: cuz I am true

prisonerofdreams: and i foundd out that i am the Genral of Hell's Army

prisonerofdreams: n i will killl u all

prisonerofdreams: Whre r u bitchess of jesus


prisonerofdreams: JEWSSSSSSSSSSSS

prisonerofdreams: I won.. u losttt Gettt losttt

prisonerofdreams: Speak up jews

prisonerofdreams: and proof tht what the fuck u say is trueee PROOVEE IT

prisonerofdreams: hahaha HAIL SATAN

prisonerofdreams: hail maxine

prisonerofdreams: hail usa

prisonerofdreams: hail satan's america

prisonerofdreams: fuck israel n tht bitch of a gun is the biggest jew

prisonerofdreams: ur bitch

prisonerofdreams: maxine talked to himm shee knws him

prisonerofdreams: he willl be payed

prisonerofdreams: shee hass his no.

prisonerofdreams: she triedd to help himm butt the jew is a traitorr

prisonerofdreams: she is great

prisonerofdreams: she is a godess

prisonerofdreams: she is d ruler of america

prisonerofdreams: she is our guidee and strentgh

prisonerofdreams: u all are fools

prisonerofdreams: lost souls

prisonerofdreams: fuckers

prisonerofdreams: bitches

prisonerofdreams: assholes

prisonerofdreams: JEWSSSS

prisonerofdreams: FUCK U ALL HAIL SATAN/JOS

prisonerofdreams: FUCK UUUUUU


ninanu_enlilki: http://factsofjos.angelfire.com/josconvo.html

prisonerofdreams: U will come begging in Maxine's feett

prisonerofdreams: What the fuck is that????????

prisonerofdreams: JEWW SHIT?

prisonerofdreams: FUCK UUU

prisonerofdreams: that is the truthhh u r hitting axe on ur head


prisonerofdreams: all will read it n believe me

prisonerofdreams: FUCK U JEWS.

prisonerofdreams: HAIL SATAN

prisonerofdreams has signed out. (3rd June 2008 7:19 PM)

Sexy-Babyjo & Ninanu_Enlilki

sexy_babyjo: so u r aginst us?

sexy_babyjo: u shuld unite 2gether

sexy_babyjo: n destroy d enemyy

ninanu_enlilki: unite with who? how do you know where i am from

sexy_babyjo: askd avenash

ninanu_enlilki: avinash^

sexy_babyjo: thnk u

dnt make fun of me

ninanu_enlilki: how can we unite with a group that we dont agree with?

sexy_babyjo: u r enemy of jos

sexy_babyjo: n u will fall

ninanu_enlilki: why am i an enemy? because i dont believe what you do...thats very christian of you

sexy_babyjo: i m nt chrsitan

sexy_babyjo: i m aginst it

ninanu_enlilki: you didnt answer my question

ninanu_enlilki: why am i an enemy?

sexy_babyjo: i hav sen d facts of jos webste of him

sexy_babyjo: becuz u r jew

sexy_babyjo: n i hav seen ur website 2 its chritianity

sexy_babyjo: u will fall n u r against satan thts bad

That was just one priceless and stimulating part of the conversation...read below for more

sexy_babyjo: n dis guy he is makin a facts webste

ninanu_enlilki: actually i made that

sexy_babyjo: lie

ninanu_enlilki: no not a lie

sexy_babyjo: lie big lie

ninanu_enlilki: ask him who made the website

sexy_babyjo: he madee it he tld tht he ws an ex jos member

sexy_babyjo: y mentining his name then?????

ninanu_enlilki: he is an ex-jos member, but i made it and asked him if he wanted his name on the website instead of mine...i have enough websites to look after

sexy_babyjo: lie u both lie

ninanu_enlilki: well why do you think we are lieing?

ninanu_enlilki: what if i go on there now and make a comment saying that sexy_babyjo is an idiot..will you believe me?

sexy_babyjo: u r christian u come wid pride

sexy_babyjo: u r angry cuz its hurtinn ur egooo

sexy_babyjo: u r actinn as a jew u r a JEW

ninanu_enlilki: angry? thats the dumbest comeback i have seen from a jos member..and i have seen some bad ones

sexy_babyjo: proud of urselves

sexy_babyjo: i m an american girl n u jew r ruining d countryy

ninanu_enlilki: what is the purpose of all the jos members adding avinash lately?

ninanu_enlilki: im not from america

Another intellectual snippet...want more?

sexy_babyjo: and we wnted 2 talk 2 d moderator of ittt

ninanu_enlilki: well speak to me

sexy_babyjo: u r an idiot

ninanu_enlilki: what do you have to say that will make a difference about it?

ninanu_enlilki: i am only posting the stuff jos posts on their groups

ninanu_enlilki: its not my posts, they arent my groups

sexy_babyjo: well maxine is d close of Satan

ninanu_enlilki: what has that got to do with anything?

sexy_babyjo: n satan will nt leave u ppl alone

ninanu_enlilki: answer the question

sexy_babyjo: i dnt feel like

ninanu_enlilki: how old are you?

sexy_babyjo: 21

ninanu_enlilki: were you dropped on your head as a baby?

ninanu_enlilki: or is this the american education system at its best?

sexy_babyjo: america is d best coutnry

sexy_babyjo: the rulers of d worldd n we hav jos here

sexy_babyjo: and satan here

ninanu_enlilki: satan lives in america hey?

sexy_babyjo: Jos is in america

sexy_babyjo: and we r proud n d members r d best

sexy_babyjo: u suck

ninanu_enlilki: thats not what i asked

Still hooked aren't you?

ninanu_enlilki: we can make you happy, we can copy and paste this whole conversation on the facts of jos website and then you can show what such a good role model you are

sexy_babyjo: ok u can bitch

ninanu_enlilki: will do

sexy_babyjo: Hail maxine, satan and america

ninanu_enlilki: you'll be hailing a dead person soon

sexy_babyjo: u will be dea

sexy_babyjo: dead

sexy_babyjo: satan will kill you

sexy_babyjo: cuz u r aginst maxine

sexy_babyjo: u will die in maxine and satan's feet

Hang on...still got more

sexy_babyjo: we r rulers of the world

sexy_babyjo: america rules tht's why satan chose america 2 b of jos

sexy_babyjo: america rules othr countriess

ninanu_enlilki: no its because maxine/andrea decided to start her own little cult, thats why it is in america

sexy_babyjo: noooo

sexy_babyjo: we r d best

sexy_babyjo: we r rulers

sexy_babyjo: u all r shitt

For the finale...

ninanu_enlilki: im sorry, i am updating the facts of jos website

ninanu_enlilki: would you like to see what i have done so far?

sexy_babyjo: Why nottt

ninanu_enlilki: http://factsofjos.angelfire.com/

ninanu_enlilki: scroll down past the christian teen club that jos owns

sexy_babyjo: hw dare u removeee d convo

sexy_babyjo: or u r dead

ninanu_enlilki: nope

ninanu_enlilki: you asked for it, you got it

sexy_babyjo: BITCH

ninanu_enlilki: idiot