The Joy Of Satan & Nazism

Alright, we knew it would not be long till the JoS showed the true face of its beliefs and its attempts at recruiting teenagers for their nazist beliefs. Check out the screenshots below. This is from the Joy of Satan Adult group, message number #127083 by Lucius DragonWolf. "Only by embracing National Socialism"...Can anyone say Heil Maxine?

Hmm...Throw a Jew down the well....I think this speaks for itself and relating to JoS' beliefs

A rather interesting screen dump from the joy of satan main group from Nevermore (the new aspiring suck up)

Okay, hang on a second people...Joy Of Satan hates jews right and wants to keep the human race Aryan?...but check this out!

Any questions yet? So now jews are okay, because you are allowing them into your "club", so wouldn't that mean that muslims are okay too?, and besides, don't they have more of a claim to being "satanic" since they are from the Middle East (THE HOME OF SUMER!), but nope...not according to jos, so lets keep reading & looking

Now, most likely a lot of you would be saying in response to this screen dump "So? they are jews!" Well let me put this to you, would you like it if jews treated you with this kind of disrespect and stipulations just so that you could believe in what you wanted? Since when do other people have the right to tell people what they can and can't believe in..doesn't that sound a lot like christianity?

Its strange you know, considering that JoS teaches that africans and blacks are okay by satan, because he created them...and he is only against Jews, Christians and Muslims...but "niggers" and "bush niggers" and who knows what other disgusting racial slur you want to put on these people have no right to being human and be given the same decency and respect as everyone else? So tell me, how can you state that satan likes blacks, and asians and anyone who isnt listed above, but yet they are taught to be hated by members? You know what, for all those people who arent WHITE in JoS...I really feel sorry for you, you are screwed!

Here are some screen shots of a lovely new nazi ritual by High Priest Jake have to wonder, if they arent nazi, and aren't promoting the nazist beliefs, why would they have a ritual that specifically mentions a "swastika" and "hitler"?

Okay now here is a good one. Blacks are "satans people" right? Well I think not...take careful note of what is written in this, its rather...racist towards the supposed "children of satan". Now if you are black, and a part of jos, why would black people be bad?

Again, another beautiful racist remark...what is jos teaching teens perhaps? That racism is okay, to keep things pure? That wouldnt be right for Satan, considering he created ALL humans...but JoS will tell you, no he only created the gentiles, not the nazarene, so if that is the case, go back to look at the above screen shot...and think, hmm does that make sense?

Again, Satan said that Blacks and Asians and everyone who isnt a "kike" is his children right? Well these screen shots dont make sense, do they? Why does no one say to stop preaching such things, maybe because they believe it to be true?

Throughout our conversations with people, the topic of the JoS and Nazism is a continual factor, we had spoken to a person who still gets the jos digests sent to their email... below is a screen shot of a Hitler comment posted by "Ashley Ardis" on the joy of satan groups and their positive outlook on Hitler's work.

I would like to make a point, the below post is not a reflection of the person who had this digest, this is a positive comment in relation to what the JoS teaches by one of their members.